When registrations overbook, it's a lottery to the rescue!

Cogran's Newest Registration Style

Cogran is launching a lottery-style registration, often simply referred to as a lottery registration, is a method used to allocate limited resources or opportunities fairly and randomly among a pool of participants. This approach is commonly employed in various contexts, including:

  • Camps: In camps with limited enrollment capacity, lottery-style registration is used to select students. For example, if a popular program has more applicants than available slots, a lottery is conducted to determine which students will be admitted.
  • Event Ticket Sales: In situations where there is high demand for tickets to events like concerts or sporting events, organizers may use lottery-style registration to distribute tickets fairly among potential buyers. This prevents ticket scalping and ensures that fans have a fair chance of obtaining tickets.
  • Public Resource Allocation: In some cases, lottery-style registration is used to allocate permits or licenses for activities like hunting, fishing, or camping in areas with limited capacity. This approach ensures that these recreational opportunities are distributed fairly among interested individuals.
  • In a lottery-style registration process, participants typically submit their applications or entries within a specified timeframe. After the registration period closes, Cogran automates assignments. This randomization helps eliminate bias or favoritism in the allocation process, making it a transparent and equitable way to distribute limited resources or opportunities.