Real Reports

Filter, Review, and Export Reports for a Powerful, Easy 360 Understanding

Great ReportsMake a Big Difference

Cogran's easy-to-read reports detail information about registrations, income, and people. Use them your way to make your organization run smoothly. Track registrations by program, season, age, or any other category. Investigate who started but didn't complete a transaction. Know exactly how many registrations that you’re processing. Cogran makes the details of managing your organization totally transparent.

Reports on People Provide Amazing Details

Cogran gives you the means to understand your organization and the people who make it work on your own terms. Find out who is registering, the ages and grades of your registrants, uncover team preferences, get medical details and emergency contact details when you need them. Delve into one household or learn about a single program's attendees, track memberships, and evaluate what makes your organizaton work.

Reports on Sports FeaturesThe info you need to run your league

Cogran's make it possible to have 360 view of your league. Cogran's reports on managing registration make it easy to build teams, creating schedules, reports that Building leagues means you need to know how many players in an age group. Building a schedules means you need to know how many teams are around, and building teams means you need to know which players are still unassigned. Use our reports to refine the information you need about your leagues! And when there's a rainout, you need to know who to text to let them know about the changes.


Financial ReportsCreate a View of Your Finances

Cogran's financial reports are export ready and each transaction is recorded using double-entry book-keeping for export into accounting packages. Finance reports can be accessed through a special login for bookkeepers to directly extract the information needed. However, our reports allow complex functionality within the Cogran tools, from daily close-outs for reconcilation, aging reports, payment detail information including discounts and coupons, and reports that include which admin processed which transactions.

What Makes Our Reports Special? Every one has these features:

  • Export with a single click to Excel or CSV
  • Filter to further refine information
  • Create customized reports
  • Build a mailing list
  • Filter on details, like date of registration

Reports Filter

Cogran comes ready-packed with over a hundred reports that can be transformed into thousands.

Cogran Ready Reports include:

  • Contact Information
  • Registration Rates by Season, Class, Age, Grade, or Gender
  • Rosters by Season, Program, Age, and More
  • Check-in Forms
  • Financial Reports using true double-entry bookkeeping
  • Payment Transaction Details
  • User Information
  • Player Details
  • Coach Information
  • Schedule Details
  • Campaign Success
  • Registration Status
  • Volunteer Detail
  • Facility Management
  • Mailing Lists