Real Reports

Cogran reports are designed to work in the way you need. Filter on tons of categories, like dates or names or payment status, to refine information. Pin columns right or left or hide the columns. Export the entire list or selected content. Use it as a mailing list.

Great ReportsMake a Big Difference

Reports to Run Your DayInformation at Your fingertips

Cogran is designed to make it simple to run an organization day by day, with crisp reports on revenue, daily usage, and everything that's happening in your organization every day.

Cogran also has daily reports, with rosters and attendance tools, at-a-glance reports on who's coming today, and member information.

Use them your way to make your organization run smoothly. Track registrations by program, season, age, or any other category. Investigate who started but didn't complete a transaction. Know exactly how many registrations that you’re processing. Cogran makes the details of managing your organization totally transparent.


Reports on People Provide Amazing Details to Manage Day-to-Day

During registration, Cogran gathers important information about your registrants. That information is used to create reports like rosters and powerful household detail reports for a 360 view of the users.

  • Rosters
  • Attendance
  • Personal information
  • Medical and pickup details
  • Team or group records
  • Member profile details
  • Payment information by person, household, and group

Reports on ReservationsInternal and external reservations get star treatment

Reservation management is completly integrated in Cogran, with all reports flowing right from the time of reservation.

  • Daily usage reports
  • Gantt-style daily, weekly, and monthly calendars
  • Reservation status reports
  • Double-booking information
  • Facilities reports for setup and takedown

Reconciliation reports

Financial ReportsCreate a View of Your Finances

Cogran's registration system comes with a suite of finance reports.

  • Income, attendance, and other info by program, season, session, and more
  • Paid, due, pending, declined, and more payment status reports
  • Payment records with details
  • Payment status and aging reports
  • Closeout and reconciliation reports
  • Revenue, coupon values, and much more
  • Trend histories

Reports on Sports FeaturesThe info you need to run your league

Review registrations, find coach info, review teams and schedules with easy reports

  • Teams
  • Unassigned players
  • Players by grade and age
  • Coaches
  • Schedules

Team report