Register the Right WayGet the Right Info from the Right Registrants

With powerful, flexible forms from Cogran, it's easy to gather information online so that it seamlessly flows throughout the system.

We're here to help you get it right.

  • Use our pre-built registration form fields and add your own
  • Add unlimited family members
  • Collect emergency contact information
  • Gather insurance information
  • Collect custom info as needed
  • Include waivers and opt-ins
  • Get special info on youth participants, like grade and school

  • Gather household/family information once, such as the home address
  • Add more than one email for system communications
  • Ask unlimited questions for each program
  • Get member numbers for member pricing, or just because you need them
  • Collect coupon codes
  • Grab zip codes for resident pricing options

FiltersRegistration Forms
that transform

Registration is at the heart of the Cogran System. That’s why we make it easy to do gather the information that you need, set the pricing that fits your organization, and make it easy for people to find the right programs.

HOUSEHOLDSPowerful Accounts
for families and individuals

Users can add as many family members as they want to a household, to reflect their own family, and can add as many registrations in a transaction as they want. There’s never a charge for adding a person to the Cogran System. Our rule is if you don’t get paid, neither do we.

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endless possibilitiesPricing Flexibility

  • Quantity discounts allow discounts on purchases of multiple items
  • Household discounts mean families save on big purchases
  • Member pricing means that members can get special pricing, for as long as the membership lasts
  • Coupons for seasons or programs allow special sales
  • Resident pricing options based on zip code mean your residents get the right price
  • Early-bird pricing kicks in automatically to reward your first registrants
  • Late fees mean that the hassle of a late registration is actually a financial bonus

Spoons Premium Website template
Gorgeous Websites

Your Look

We ensure that it's yours, from your logo, Facebook feed, Twitter feed, and maps. It's all about driving registrations, increasing reservations, and building your organization. With 15 color schemes built in, it's easy to find your look with Cogran.

Gorgeous Websites

Easy Filtering

Organize based on type of program by activity—be it camp, sports, adult programs, classes, or more. You have the power to create your own categories. Allow your users to filter on pretty much anything—when it is, where it is, who is teaching it, the location, the category, or almost anything else. And create calendars to display reservations to the public.

Pre-filtering makes it impossible for logged in users to sign up for the wrong programs because the system automatically reviews age, grade, and gender of participants!

Cogran is Outstanding!

5-Star Rated on Capterra

Users rate Cogran 5 stars for our great product and superior customer service.
I can't believe how easy it is to run this program - for my customers AND for me. I HIGHLY recommend Cogran!
--Kathy Wolper, Kathy's Kitchen Wizards
A great business partner! Cogran's customer service has been exceptional. We use this service to register our members (1,200) for many different levels of team and training programs. We also managed our members installment payments throughout the year.
--Jim Mort, Empire Soccer Academy

2017 Outstanding Startup & 2017 Best Web Application

Twice a finalist for the Sport Technology Awards, which recognize global leaders in the sports technology field. “It isn’t always easy to identify stand-out businesses or propositions. The ‘Outstanding Start-Up’ category celebrates excellence and helps end-users determine a clear point of difference between companies vying to work with them. This helps buyers make a better-informed choices.”
-- Rebecca Hopkins, Founder

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