Great User Accounts.Self-service is key.

User AccountsMake Everything Easy

A full household account makes it simple for your customers to self-service. Cogran puts informatiom at easy access for the users, so that they never miss a practice, forget a payment, or lose a document.

  • Download and upload forms
  • View household information
  • Review yearly payment totals
  • View all payments, registrations, and more

  • Upcoming activities
  • Payments coming due soon
  • Attendance tracking
  • Add calendar items to their calendar

Registration History

Cogran displays registration records with customer name, expiration dates, program dates, and signup dates

Attendance History

Cogran automatically tracks all checkins and checkouts, and posts the info by user.

Payment History

Display order dates, unique reference numbers, and customer contact info, plus an option to display the invoice

Account Profile

At a click, display a full, printable registration info form for each participant.

Household AccountsFamily information all in one place

Cogran household accounts include all family members, so that parents can easily track registration information for the whole family.



Complete records

Easy self-service means fewer calls& happier customers who can help themselves without frustration.

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