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Sport League Management for Adult Leagues

Cogran streamlines adult sports leagues with registration built for intramural sports leagues.

In intramural adult sports, teams are usually formed by a team captain. Volleyball, softball, soccer, lawn bowling, flag football, and other adult league sports become easy to handle. Cogran lets team captains create a team, then tell their friends to come to sign up to play! Payments are easy, too. League admins are able to decide if the captain pays the full price at the time of registration, or if each player will pay their share when they come in to sign up.

We didn't leave out newcomers, either. They can sign up without a team in mind, and then get assigned to a team based on the info you gather at registration. League admins use Cogran to draft teams, create schedules, keep scores, and push out emails and texts. Your organization is ready to go, saving hours and hours of effort. Use our built-in communications tools, like emailing and text messaging, too! Pull great repors, too, to manage the entire season.

Made for adult leaguesBuild a Team on the Fly

  • Team captains create the team at signup
  • Players register for that team
  • Newcomers register as free agents
  • Admins create schedules
  • Admins communicate and market
  • Everyone PlaysCogran fits all of your sports

    Some adult leagues are competitive, and Cogran works for those, too. Using similar tools for youth sports, Cogran can handle your tryouts, drafting, and team formation. Then use Cogran to schedule games and playoffs, assign coaches, and communicate.

    Transform Your League with Cogran

    Great technology. Beautiful registration. Tons of back-office power.
    With Cogran, your leagues can stand out, while you save time and do more.

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