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Cogran is a Finalist for the 2017 Sports Technology Awards as Outstanding Startup

Cogran Systems

A truly all-in-one system for managing leagues.Take Your League To The Next Level

Cogran Systems

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Great Registration

Registration is where it all begins. Get all of the info you need, from playing up to playing with a friend.

Cogran Systems

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Powerful Scheduling

Our flexible, powerful scheduling tools make it possible to quickly, simply account for all of your variables, from start times to practice nights.

Cogran Systems

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Build Teams

No data entry. No tranfers of information. One single system means that age group coordinators can swifly, effectively build the right teams.

Cogran is Outstanding!

5-Star Rated

Users rate Cogran 5 stars for our great product and superior customer service.
Cogran has helped our company tremendously since we started using the system a year ago. Less paperwork, easy and efficient system for our users and customers, and an excellent support team.
--Cray Bony, Force1 Sports
A great business partner! Cogran's customer service has been exceptional. We use this service to register our members (1,200) for many different levels of team and training programs. We also managed our members installment payments throughout the year.
--Jim Mort, Empire Soccer Academy

2017 Outstanding Startup & 2017 Best Web Application

Twice a finalist for the Sport Technology Awards, which recognize global leaders in the sports technology field. “It isn’t always easy to identify stand-out businesses or propositions. The ‘Outstanding Start-Up’ category celebrates excellence and helps end-users determine a clear point of difference between companies vying to work with them. This helps buyers make a better-informed choices.”
-- Rebecca Hopkins, Founder

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Powerful ToolsInfinite Possibilities

Coaches Use It

Coaches pull rosters, find volunteer opportunities, and more! Coaches only see the info that’s right for coaches.

Responsive Design

Custom design and full integration. Our sites are fully responsive, so they look great on any device.

Referee Tools

Register referees, assign them to games, and allow them to submit for payments.

Uniform Ordering

Cogran makes stores simple by allowing you build uniform orders right into your registration process.

Equipment Loans

Hand out gear? Use our system to sign it out to your players.

Great Communications

Email, text, Tweet, or Facebook-post all of the information that you need. Rainouts or field changes aren’t a problem anymore!

Extensive Reports

Keep track of everything from how many registrations you’ve processed to late payments to demographics.

Tournaments Included

Register by team and benefit from our advanced scheduling modules that allow powerful scheduling and scoring.

Volunteer Modules

Volunteering is easy. Just send out a blast, then volunteers log in and assign themselves.


Build SchedulesCreate, Manage, and Display

Keeping track of so many teams, people, and locations can seem daunting, which is why we use simple drop-downs and easy forms to create a simple system for your administrators to use. When a game gets rained out? With Cogran, the system does all of the thinking for you. Cogran looks at how many teams you have and how many fields and gets to work. We even schedule tournaments for complex systems.

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Easy to usePowerful registration tools

Each registration opportunity—a class, league, camp, or volunteer opportunity—lets you use our amazing system to make sure the right people see the program (if they’re too young or too old, it simply won’t appear). They get the right price. And they tell you what you need to know (set questions to mandatory or leave them off).

  • Age, grade, and gender restrictions
  • Powerful installment management
  • Early-bird discounts and late fees
  • Location and registration limits
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Sleek Team-BuildingDifferent methods to fit your league

Our team building allows you to simply select the target age group, grade, gender, or registration group, then name the number of teams and hit DONE to create teams, automatically assigns coaches, and even allows you specify the proportions of kids from a neighborhood on a team.

Not seeking something so automated? No matter. Simply form teams by quantity of players, then make any change you desire by using your knowledge of the players and assign the right coach for the right team.

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Cogran SystemsBuild your league today!

Cogran makes it easy to run a state-of-the-art league. Add more and more features or peel them back. It’s all changeable, all easy, and all in your hands.

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