Team Management

Automate Your Team Creation or Build Player by Player.

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Cogran Systems

Player by player or all at once, Cogran Systems provides powerful tools for building teams.

Team Management

No data entry. No tranfers of information. One single system means that age group coordinators can swiftly, effectively build the right team for their organization.

After players and coaches register, most of your work is already done. The system has gathered info on age, grade, and gender--and now it's time to make that info work. By choosing criteria like age group, division, gender, or grade, Cogran divides the players into as many teams as you specify. Assign coaches, team names, colors too. And you have the power to change everything. Evaluate your teams, moving players around to accomodate needs. You can even copy a team from season to season, then add or move players as needed.

Does your league use tryouts? No problem. Rank your players and our tools will run through them in a serpentine so create balanced teams.

Information, Simplified

Not seeking something so automated? No matter. Simply form teams by quantity of players, then make any change you desire by using your knowledge of the players and assign the right coach for the right team. Over the years, we have developed team building scenarios that fit almost any league, from the most hands-off to the most deeply engaged, kid-by kid. In one system, you can manage your travel teams, your rec league, and your tots in one league management ecosystem.