Communicate and Market

Branded Confirmation Emails. Quick Texts. Timely Reminders.

Great CommunicationsKeep in Touch

Cogran's communications tools make marketing programs, sending reminders, and updating customers on current statuses so easy.
Automated reminders. Confirmation emails. Marketing newsletters. Reminders to pay on time. Cogran's communications tools are here to help


Send emails to a group or an individual


Confirmations and reminders are automated with Cogran

Text Messages

Text messages reach contacts on the go

Getting an Email is so Satisfying

Communicate With Your Customers

Build email lists by almost any criteria, with the ease of pulling a report. Choose a registration period, a session, team, an age group, grade, or registration date. Or almost anything else. Cogran is designed to make communicating simple.

  • Send reminders
  • Create game-day communications
  • Reminders to complete a registration
  • Create newsletters and other mass emails in a few clicks
  • Automated confirmations

Confirmations with Your Brand

Automated emails can look great in Cogran. By adding your branding, your communications will unite your organization and make it stronger than ever. Send out slick custom newsletters, too, with your logo, look, and colors.

  • Insert your logo
  • Add your contact details
  • Change the color scheme
  • Build in clicks to reply
  • Send links to more info, to forms, and much more

Handle situations in a hurryGood Communications

Changes can happen fast