Cogran Charts Make Data Easy to Understand

Cogran's accurate, instant report data visualized.

Cogran Charts

Cogran offers a range of the most commonly used reports in chart view. These visualizations make it easy to truly comprehend the information in Cogran’s extensive reports, allowing easy-at-glance understanding of trends and relational information.Charts are colorful, but also accessible for the colorblind by adding unique textures to each item in the chart, setting them apart without relying on color.

Charts that Bring Data to Lifes

Colorful Visualization.

  • Key Takeaway: New charts transform Cogran's reports into graphic presentations of data
  • Key Takeaway: Bright, engaging charts make your data easy to understand at a glance
  • Key Takeaway: Mobile friendly and dynamic charts use latest technology and flex at a click
  • Key Takeaway:Cogran charts contain five different styles of chart including accessibility

Choose your chart view

Choose Your Chart

Not all charts work for every occasion. That’s why Cogran allows users to choose from a variety of chart views, with dynamic abilities to show and hide data at a click:
  • Line
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Polar area

Numbers on Revenue Chart

Charts Designed for Your Organization

Types of Charts:

  • Revenue for the past three years: Revenue vs. Refund vs. Due)
  • Registration History for the past three years
  • Registration Detail (Plan vs. Registrations vs. Waitlist)
  • All Registrations by Sessions for the Year
  • Facility Usage by Month for the Year
  • Yearly Facility Usage: Past 3 Years and 1 Future Year