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Create, Maintain, and Share Schedules for Games, Practices, and Playoffs

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The Cogran SchedulerFull Functionality, Real Ease

Schedule for practices and games using the built-in Cogran Scheduler, an automated tool that feeds seamlessly into the rest of the system, and flexible to account for all of the unique variables of your organization. Free countless hours of volunteer management, improve communications, and run a crisp, professional league.

The best part? There's no extra cost for using our unique, intuitive scheduling tools. They're built right into the Cogran System.

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Scheduling in a Few Simple StepsFlexible, powerful, and easy

Cogran's automated tools are flexible, powerful, and unique. Create and save field, court, or lane information, organize availability, and account for variables right in the tool.

    Pick a league or division to schedule
    Choose the type of schedule to build: round-robin, playoff, practice
    Choose the variables: locations, days, times, and blackout dates
    Run the Schedule
Then, easily print, export to Excel or CSV, or display on your website.

Totally OnlineIntegrated into the Cogran League Management System

Cogran Scheduler is online and integrated into the registration tools. Administrators can update the scheduler at any time and see all of those updates reach families instantly. Any changes to the schedule display automatically on your site. Cogran gives you the freedom and flexibility to make changes at any time, whether it’s a rainout or other issue.

Because Cogran is totally online, there are no downloads to clutter your computer, no updates to download (updates happen automatically with an online tool), and no restrictions for different operating systems. Cogran Scheduler allows multiple qualified users to update, too.

Online League Tools

Conflict Management

Coaches coach multiple teams, perhaps even in different roles. Players sometimes play on more than one team in your league. That's why our scheduling tools automatically check for coach and player conflicts.

Personalized Schedules

Personalized SchedulesFamilies can Log in to See their own Info

After the schedules are created, families can log in to view personalized schedules display for each Cogran player in your household—multiple kids, coaches, and more—behind the login-in safety. Display the full league schedule with no effort at all on your Cogran website or app.

There's no need to download an app, dig through the full league website, find your team, and make sure it's up to date. Because our tools are online, your schedules are always up to date.

Track Stats like the ProsSeamless scores, stats, and standings

Cogran manages the calculation of standings. Display standings, points, wins, losses, draws. Assign different points each draw, win or loss based on your league or division.

Thanks to the complete integration of the Cogran Scheduler into the rest of the system, your stats and standings will automatically display right on your Cogran websites. Show them to the world!

Online League Tools

Schedules with Built-In Messaging

Cogran’s communications is linked to the schedule, so that when a game is rained out, you can simply send a text message to the right teams, based on the day’s schedule.

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Get your games, practices, scrimmages, tryouts, and more scheduled on the right fields at the time.

Customizable Schedules

With the ability to set custom start times for a field or for a single game, create blackout dates, and swap teams–while checking for conflicts–our scheduling software is truly automated. As in all of Cogran, there is no data entry–all of the teams pull automatically from the team builder.