Registration Begins HereA modern, mobile website that looks as great on a phone as on a PC.

Cogran's mobile-first website makes finding the right program and reservation option simple. Put easy shopping for passes, tickets, and swag into the hands of your customers. Add in easy membership purchase, plus all of the other bells and whistles.

  • Personalize text, colors, and images
  • Learn about current and future programs
  • Products organized into categories for simple shopping
  • View calendars
  • Display maps and more info
  • Show scores and standings
  • Display more info
  • Timeline view for facility reservations
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Product Listings that FlexTransparent, easy shopping for programs starts with great listings.

Cogran makes it easy to shop for programs with crucial information displayed on cards. Shoppers can choose a list view or a calendar. Then, Cogran displays the important stuff like dates, times, locations, and prices. Not only that, but Cogran program listings include extras like admins to contact, registration dates, what to bring, and available discounts.

Need to share more info about a program, over and above the nitty-gritty details? Use Cogran to tell shoppers exactly what they need to know to maximize their engagement.

  • Program name
  • Registration season
  • Price and member price
  • Discounts
  • Session name
  • Dates & times
  • Locations
  • Days of week
  • More info
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Discounts are transparent

Cogran program listings are as flexible as Cogran, with the ability to show the specific discounts available on each program. With the Cogran program listings, discounts are always transparent and never confusing.

  • Quantity discounts
  • Household discounts
  • Member pricing
  • Coupons
  • Resident pricing
  • Early-bird pricing
  • Late fees


Cogran automatically calendars all of your programs and facility availablity, creating a flexible interface that allows your customers to shop by program or by schedule. So many busy folks need to find a program based on when it is available!

Cogran Filters
Cogran Filters

Find the right programs

Cogran's filters makes it easy to filter on information that matters, like ages, locations, and class name. The smart filters start to work as soon as shopper start typing. But if you don't add the information on a program or location, the filter will not appear on that particular search.

Program Filters

  • Program name
  • Facility name
  • Age, grade, and gender
  • Day of week
  • Age, grade, and gender

Facility filters

  • Facility type
  • Facility name
  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Complex
  • Area