Cards Make Easy Navigation and OrganizationCustomize and Maximize

Cogran customers use cards to learn about current and future programs, view registration and reservation options, and learn more about your organization. Lots of this information is packed into cards. Each card can be used to share tons of information about program offerings. Most cards include a list of registration options, a calendar, and more info. But that's not all!

OrganizeAs many cards as required

Cards look great on a mobile device, responding automatically to the size and shape so that even customers on the go can access your program info. Find a program to register for, check a game time, or discover pavilion rental rates at any time, from anywhere.

CardsKey features

recreation card

Informationmade easy

Cards display the unique information about programs—for adults, kids, sports, or even room reservations—that are assigned to the card. Each card can include images, facts, and other information to make it simple for shoppers to find general overview information. More information about the progams can display as much or as little information about the registration period as needed. These cards can also be informational only!

Lists, Calendars, and More InfTons of components

Click through to a list of progams that are available for registration or reservations. A calendar view shows a calendar that fully integrates programs into Cogran’s reservation management tools. Cogran calendars make it easy to see when a program is happening. For sports installations, Cogran can show game schedules, scores, and standings. Toggle between the options at the top of the popup. An optional popup shows a Google Map coordinates assigned to this card. The maps can include pindrops that show many locations.


Sports Schedules, Scores, Stats, and Standings

When's the game? No more wondering or checking emails with the Cogran interface, which includes easy access to schedules for games, practices, and more. Toggle for standings. For users who prefer another calendar, use an ical feed to easily add the games to your calendar!

Mapsat a Click

Cogran Cards include an option to add a map, which can include pin-drops for multiple locations. Each card can include its own map, which can show field locations, pavilion locations, or even the simple location of a building.

  • Drop pins to show specific places
  • Use as many maps as you have cards
  • Powered with Google Maps for extra ease