Customize Your Cogran

Cogran is your public registration portal.

Simple Navigation

Cards group data about different offerings for easy shopping

Packed with Information

Cogran packs maps, more info, calendars, and sports info onto the Front Page.

Make it your own

Colors, images, text, and card types make every Cogran unique

Organized with EaseOrganize your programs for easy shopping

Cogran makes it easy to display your programs, reservation options, news, and more in an easy-to-navigate display

  • Cards display your images and text
  • Show links to more info
  • Add maps and other details
  • Calendars and timelines

CalendarsPick a date!

Calendar-based program shopping allows your users to view a range of date when finding the right programs or choosing a place to reserve.

All of the DetailsShare all of the information you need

Each card can include images, facts, and other information to make it simple for shoppers to find general overview information.

Not only that, but more info is also available on a program or facility option. Show the specifics of each room or class, with details that can it easy for customers to have the info they need at their fingertips.

more info
map card

Maps at a Click

Cogran Cards include an option to add a map, which can include pin-drops for multiple locations. Each card can include its own map, which can show field locations, pavilion locations, or even the simple location of a building.

  • Drop pins to show specific places
  • Use as many maps as you have cards
  • Powered with Google Maps for extra ease

Features for SportsDisplay Game Schedules and Standings

Cogran makes it possible to display scores and standings on the Front Page. Game and practice schedules display, with the ability for your players to add the events to their own calendars.

  • Display or hide the sports features
  • View a schedule with both team names, times, and locations
  • Download schedules to external calendars
  • View scores, stats, and standings for each league
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Registration and Reservations that Flow

Cogran is designed to make registration seamless. Start with an intuitive shopping experience on a page that looks fresh, modern, and personalized. Fill a shopping cart and checkout online. Then, visit your household account to stay on top of everything you need to know.

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We put your brand front and center

Cogran Landing Page Cogran Landing Page Cogran Landing Page Cogran Landing Page Cogran Landing Page Cogran Landing Page

Cogran's mobile-first design makes your site look great on any device.

Cogran's website includes:

  • Your words describe your products
  • Crisply organized cards
  • Filters and searches
  • Company information
  • A shopping cart
  • Calendars
  • User log-ins