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Payment Management and Financial Management are Streamlined with Cogran

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Accept Payments Users Can Pay by Credit Card, Check, or In Person

Cogran's online payment management

Comprehensive payment management is a core feature of Cogran. With a focus on self-service, Cogran empowers users with seamless payments at the time of registration, plus the ability to make installment and pending payments, verify payments made, and handle their own account. Users are able to help themselves, increasing satisfaction and reducing calls.

Admins can monitor online purchases, take payments at the desk, or monitor in-person terminal transactions. Cogran's payment management includes the ability for clients to accept credit card payments, track and invoice payments on account, and accept payments via cash drawer, card reader, or record a check.

Cogran helps after a transaction, too. With one-click refunds for a full or partial transaction Cogran makes it simple to refund to a credit card, track other refunds, and automatically remove a participant from a program.

Robust financial reporting

Robust financial reporting allows bookkeeping to view rolling reports like payments due and aging reports and to run daily reconciliation reports. Check into installment payment status, coupon usage, and other useful info. Track cash drawer totals by admin user. Other reports make it easy to evalue the revenue from programs, seasons, and more.


Cogran's financial reports are exportable in a variety of formats that allow easy import into financial management systems. Cogran reports are comprehensive and in the format of double-entry book-keeping.