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Manage Your Community or Recreation Center with a Single SystemCogran Systems Parks, Recreation, & Leisure Management


Reserve spaces internally and handle bookings.


Offer memberships with special pricing, check-ins, and more.

Sports Leagues

Registration, team formation, practice/game scheduling, and communications.


Sign up for classes, manage them, assign instructors, and grab rosters.


Sign ups, rosters, payment plans, emails, and text messages.

Adult Leagues

Team-based registration is easy with Cogran’s great adult-league management.

One System, One Set of Tools

Day-to-day operations run smoothly behind the scenes while you grow your community engagement. Cogran is a single, integrated system that can manage your complex facility pricing and reservations, create great calendars, and provide great sports league, camp, and class management at the same time.

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Easily customize to your needs

We’re here to help with a great system and unparalleled support. You’ll gain a better understanding of your community, too, as you see the registration patterns and manage outreach. Maybe you’ll even discover that your community members are finding out about new places to reserve, new classes to take, and more fun to have in their area.

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Back Office EaseTransform your back office


Keep track of everything from how many registrations you’ve processed to late payments to demographics. als.

Financial Management

Manage your finances with Cogran’s powerful reports and tracking. We build APIs directly into financial management systems.

Uniform and Equipment Ordering

Cogran makes stores simple by allowing you build orders right into your registration process.


With Cogran, you can handle all of your online marketing needs, from great websites to email reminders to mailing lists to amazing newsletters!

Flexible Setup

Price breaks or additional costs come in, in-resident pricing, hours of operation.

Unlimited Admins

Need more admins? You can add as many admins as necessary for your organization, with no additional cost.


Color-coded calendars make it easy to keep track of reservations.

In-Person or Online Registration/Reservations

Register at the front desk, online, at a kiosk, or from a phone.


Send emails to any group or use our simple text-messaging function for rainouts and more.

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