Slick Membership ToolsCogran handles membership for recreation centers and other sports, camp, or general registration-driven organizations.

Online Membership Management

Manage member checkins and dropins with ease.

Automated Emails

Automated reminders and confirmations.

Member import

Import current membership into a new, clean database.

Member pricing

Members can pay member rates on each program.

Member Database

Easily access member data, including all relevant dates and reservations.

Member Swipe

Seamless card-reader checkins for members.

Membership levels

Membership prices and durations are easy to set and manage.

Reports on Everything

Allows you to understand your registrations, demographics, and much more.

Editable text

Change any text on your forms and see it filter across the system.

a single solution for member management needsCogran Membership Solutions

Individual memberships

If many registrants are on a household, only the member who is selected for membership will receive membership pricing!

Household memberships

The entire household receives membership pricing when a household membership is purchased, with member benefits extending to everyone.

Flexible terms of membership

Offer unlimited memberships, with different prices and terms, using Cogran's seamless process.

Members can pay member rates

Membership rates are automatically applied for current members, with no need to enter a membership number online.

Simple transitionschange to Cogran with ease

Set your own member number starting point, to allow a seamless transition, and import current members with expiration dates and current member numbers into Cogran to get started.

Export a member directory

Review member accounts and expirations.

Manage, email, and report.

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