The New Cogran Back Office

A newly updated office transforms Cogran

Cogran's growing feature set is one of our great assets. Over time, as Cogran added features, simple workflows had become complex. That’s natural with a system as richly featured as Cogran. This refresh loops in those newer features in a seamless design flow. Cogran’s administrative tools--the back office--required a refresh that allows a full integration of workflows, without ever leaving the intuitive path to success.

The new Cogran Office has crisp workflows and an intuitive path to success. At the same time, Cogran hasn’t lost the flexible power that existing customers like. Cogran has also used new technology to flatten processes, loop in new functions, and continue to provide a fully mobile functionality. Cogran has been re-architected to use the latest in Angular design to provide under-the-hood power and enhance development.

Updating, Refreshing, and Rethinking.

Cogran is still founded on household accounts, great reports, and registration options that are easy to add, offer, and offer again. With this redesign, each function is richer. Questions are more intuitive to update. Reports come with explanations and suggestions for use. Instead of too many options, Cogran offers rebuilt registration setup workflows that make it clear how to use each one.

With that in mind, our 2021 Features make Cogran an even better tool for the realities of today:

  • Flexible prices and fees
  • Intuitive workflows
  • Fully mobile and cloud-based

Where did the clicks go? That’s what we keep asking ourselves here at Cogran.

With a complete refresh, Cogran’s back office boasts a fresh new look with a modern, crisp design. That’s not all. We also simplified, streamlined, and updated the way that the back office works.

About Cogran

Cogran is a leader in registration management technology. Since its founding in the mid 2000s, Cogran has continually added to its feature set with in-house development. Cogran's creative development team finds new ways to solve the problems faced by recreation professionals seeking to provide a user friendly, powerful, fully featured suite of registration and reservation management tools. Cogran handles registration for classes, camps, sports, and events; reservations; membership management; facility management; and tools that can be used to run any registration-driven organization.

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