2021 Begins with the Newly Redesigned Cogran Back Office

A newly updated back office launch in the new year.

Cogran’s administrative tools--the back office--required a refresh that allows a full integration of workflows, without ever leaving the intuitive path to success.

Cogran has also used new technology to flatten processes, loop in new functions, and continue to provide a fully mobile functionality. Cogran has been re-architected to use the latest in Angular design to provide under-the-hood power and enhance development.


We are grateful for our clients and so impressed with the ways that communities and organizations have pivoted to provide services for communities in need. In a most challenging year, we at Cogran have seen community centers transform into food shelves. It’s been inspiring to see, and a reminder of why Cogran exists: to make it easier and less expensive to run community events, classes, and more.

With that in mind, our 2020 updates make Cogran an even better tool for the realities of today:

  • Touchless check-ins
  • Streamlined donations
  • Timed entry passes

Customers used these features to reopen pools with to limited users, to accept donations to keep the doors open and the lights on, and to keep to distancing protocols for checking in and out.

Additional New Features

  • This year, Cogran rolled out Point of Sale registrations, which allows instant, registration-free checkouts. Shoppers simply visit the Cogran site, choose an option, and pay, without filling out a registration form. Our users accept donations, sell tiered-price tickets (with capacity limits), and sell memberships using this streamlined, paired-down checkout style.
  • Cogran’s registration form allows users to gather unique information about each customer like demographics, addresses, and even eligibility info like ages. The registration forms now include conditional fields, which turns on and off field forms based on answers.
  • Charts display data in a unique look that allows users to display their data in bars, pies, and other views.
  • Direct links to registration make it possible for users to send out invitations to private classes or to promote classes on Facebook or other media. Shoppers click the link and are right at checkout!

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Cogran is a leader in registration management technology. Since its founding in the mid 2000s, Cogran has continually added to its feature set with in-house development. Cogran's creative development team finds new ways to solve the problems faced by recreation professionals seeking to provide a user friendly, powerful, fully featured suite of registration and reservation management tools. Cogran handles registration for classes, camps, sports, and events; reservations; membership management; facility management; and tools that can be used to run any registration-driven organization.

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