Registration Period

Organized, Simple, and Powerful

Registration Periods

Cogran streamlines setting up registrations by using registration periods to open and close registrations. That means you can add your registration options, like all of your summer programs, to a single registration period, saving the time of re-adding the same info again and again. At the same time, registration periods group the programs to make bulk emailing and reporting quick.


Manage Registration Seamlessly

All of the programs and other registration options in the same registration period inherit the same dates, making it so easy to avoid data-entry and enhance automation. Registration periods automate early registration dates and late fees, check age group eligibility, and more. Not only that, but next season, you can copy it to streamline your go-live process!

Registration Period


Cogran Sessions are supercharged with all of the useful information that sets your regisrations apart from the rest. Once your programs and other registration options have been created, the sessions come into their own.

  • Day of Week
  • Start and End Dates
  • Times
  • Blackout dates
  • Number of Sessions
  • Override Registration Dates
  • Eligibility date
  • Capacity
  • Waitlist
  • Facility Sync
  • Location
  • Instructor

What do you call them?

We call them registration periods. You might call them seasons and run four a year. You might run just one over the summer, and you might run a dozen registration periods for sports, school programs, and other types of programs. No matter what you call them, we're here to help you run them with ease.