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Membership ManagementA rich suite of tools to simplify membership management

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Membership Management

Create a compelling membership package using Cogran's tools and keep members coming back by offering benefits of membership that build your community. Cogran makes it simple to offer members special pricing for eligible programs.

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Membership Sales

Membership management and renewals are simple for the office, with CRM that cuts admin time, builds retention, and streamlines office functions. Cogran makes it possible to communicate with members to share the benefits of your organization.

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Membership Database

Membership management includes a member database searchable on criteria including names, addresses, term of membership, membership expiration date, and attendance numbers.

Slick Membership Toolsmeans life just got easy

Online Membership Management

Manage members and dropins with ease.

Great Communications

Newsletters, reminders, or export a list to use it your way.

Member import

Import current membership into a new, clean database.


Allow members to swipe into your location with easily created cards using integrations to door software.


Allow members of the public to register for membership or restrict it to admins.

Terms of Membership

Flexible membership terms and different start and end dates and with pro-rating for mid-year purchases.

Membership levels

Membership prices and durations are easy to set and manage.

Member Numbers

Set your own member number starting point or use the automatic Cogran barcodes, or even just scan an existing member card!

Member pricing

We have great solutions for allowing your members to get reduced rates!

Member IDs

Member Check-InSwipe in Members with Ease

Member codes—which begin at a number you choose, to allow continuity—are used for checking in with a member card. Members can simply swipe their card using Cogran to allow access to your club or center. Or, use the barcode built right into their household account! Admins, meanwhile, can validate who is coming in when a user record pops up upon scan.

Flexible TermsMemberships that last as long as you decide.

Memberships can be sold with many different price points and lengths of time. Cogran users can sell only one membership or many options: annual, for a period of months, or from the beginning of the year!

Membership Purchase Made EasyMembers can easily enroll or renew!

Cogran membership management begins with the purchase of a membership using Cogran’s regular shopping experience, right from the front page. (Note that membership can also be exclusively sold by admins).

Once a membership is purchased, a user is eligible for membership rates on relevant programs. Member pricing is set per-program, so that admins have control over which programs are eligible for member rates. Member rates are automatically applied: members never need to enter their member codes when they are registering!

Member Perks

Member PerksEnhance Memberships with new perks

Cogran's rich suite of membership tools has been enhanced with new features, including member exclusives and member perks! With Member Perks, Cogran makes it easy to assign members free tickets to your events when they purchase or renew a membership! Members can view and redeem their balance of tickets online.

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Extra Member Features

  • Members-Only programs
  • Early member registratioms
  • Free member programs

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