Reservations Done Right

Transform your facility reservation system for parks, rooms, and fields.

Reservation Management that Really Works Reservations made simple.

Cogran handles facility pricing and availability with an intuitive system to save hours of time. Automatically assign programs to rooms, creating a comprehensive calendar. Online Reservation Software for communities, centers, recreation departments, nature centers, clubs, and more.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited admin access means that everyone can get the job done, from front desk to superadmins to the public.

One System, United

Setting up programs at your locations can include reserving the space where those programs will take place.

Beautifully Online

Use a desktop, tablet, or mobile device to make a facility reservation, whether by a member of the public or an admin.

Registration Management Software SolutionsCogran's facility management tools handle reservations for your entire organization

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ReservationsManage Your Reservations Online

Reserve a room, a picnic spot, campsite, or cabin for hours, or for one or more nights, using Cogran's intuitive tools for managing reservations. Site visitors can easily shop for a location that fits their needs, perusing the details of specific sites to reserve. Add the number of attendees, pay, and be ready for an adventure! Waivers and contracts are included in the reservation process. It's also simple to offer upgrades or additional items, such as chair or a podium. Gather details on whether alcohol will be served, how many attendees are expected, and charge accordingly!

BookingsBook A Location

Book a room for anything, from a meeting to a class. Cogran's tools mean that users can easily find an available date and time in order to book the right place at the right time. Administrators can even book rooms while setting up registration programs and book fields while scheduling sports. The process is seamlessly integrated into Cogran.

Facility Information
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At-A-Glance Calendarseasy to read, packed with information

A simple, intuitive calendar makes it easy to see what is happening where and when, showing clearly which rooms, pavilions, fields, or campsites have been booked or are availabel. The calendar also shows who is coming when, with contact information and attendance details. The calendar is supported by extensive reports and management tools that make it possible to swap bookings, see who comes when, plan for setup and takedown, and to manage pricing

A Unified Solution

Cogran is a single, integrated system that can manage facilities and reserve spaces for programs and events in one system.

Powerful Reports

Reports on everything from signups to payment histories to daily closeouts. You’ll gain a better understanding of your community, too, as you see the registration patterns and manage outreach using our quick communications tools that are integrated right into reporting. Community members and staff can easily uncover places to reserve, check availability, and view calendars--or limit access and use Cogran behind the scenes.

Tons of featuresIn one single system

Each facility is different. Different address, different permits, different prices. We can help make it seem easy.

  • Program setup includes facility scheduling.
  • Powerful Gant-style reservation calendar.
  • Availability calendars with search filters.
  • Simple step-by-step guidance through reservation rules during reservations.
  • Offer multiple base rates based on residency and type of organization such as non-profits and internal bookings.
  • Automatically validate residents by zip code.
  • Manage lead times for bookings.
  • Manage recurring events and days a facility is available.
  • Book by time slot or enter a date and time range.
  • Block out days unavailable.
  • Automatically calculate fees for alcohol, rental equipment, insurance, and permits
  • Manage deposits and payments due.
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