Programs, Classes, and More

Cogran supercharges registration programs like classes, camps, sports, and almost everything else. Eligibility, Session Info, and Discounts. Filter on tons of categories, like dates or names or payment status, to refine information. Pin columns right or left or hide the columns. Export the entire list or selected content. Use it as a mailing list.

Great Programs and Simple Setupbuild registration power

Product Listings that Flex

Transparent, easy shopping for programs starts with great listings that are incredibly easy to shop.

Cogran makes it easy to shop for programs with a list view or a calendar. Then, Cogran displays the important dates, times, locations, and prices. Not only that, but Cogran program listings include extras like admins to contact, registration dates, what to bring, and available discounts.

Cogran Filters

Discounts are transparent

Cogran program listings are as flexible as Cogran, with the ability to show the specific discounts available on each program. Installments and deposits might be offered on one, while another program has member pricing but no ohter discounts. With the Cogran program listings, discounts are always transparent and never confusing.

  • Offer deposits and one or more future payments
  • Offer member or resident pricing
  • Share details on household or sibling discounts

Offer More Info

Need to share more info about a program, over and above the nitty-gritty details? Use Cogran to tell shoppers exactly what they need to know to maximize their engagement. Is this a camp for committed sailors, or a recreation option for any kid? Share that info along with pictures and links to downloads or other sites!

Cogran Filters
Cogran Filters

Find the right programs

Cogran's program filters makes it easy to filter on information that matters, like ages, locations, and class name. The smart filters start to work as soon as shopper start typing. The great news? If that's not info that matters to your organzation, it won't appear to your users, either.