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Camp Management That Does More in Less TimeA powerful, customizable management system for camps.

Cogran's camp management tools make it easy to manage your organization. Totally mobile, with a slick modern interface and flexible, powerful forms, Cogran takes you from signups with great registration forms, to customized confirmation emails, to powerful rosters and checkin online or on paper. Great reports, household accounts, and communications tools pull it all together.

Packed with FeaturesCamps Run Better With Cogran

Cogran Customization

Easy Customization

Cogran is made with easy customization in mind. Out of the box, you get access to dozens of headers (or add your own), 10 color schemes, and the ability to display multiple social media channels.

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Set up cards that share more information about your registration opportunities. Add links to maps, the built-in calendar, and to tons of more information. Then, once the users click a card, users are able to shop for programs by filtering almost any category. Add them to the cart, then keep shopping until it is time to check out.

Cogran Registration

Registration Power

Cogran registration gathers tons of information, without ever feeling like a chore. Gather ages, grades, genders, addresses, and more information about your registrants as they register. You decide what information you need, then set the forms to gather it.

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As registrants choose programs, gather that more information that is only relevant at the program level. Use Cogran's tools to discover skill levels, experience, find out dietary requirements, sizes, and any other handy information that will allow the camp to run smoothly. Additional paid items can also be selected, such as aftercare and beforecare options, t-shirts or other paid items.

Cogran Reports


After users register, Cogran pushes all of the information right into the correct reports, from payment records to rosters to household accounts, to email communications and marketing lists. Each payment is recorded and reportable, by registrant or by class. The handy Cogran dashboard allows quick access to manage running registrations, check enrollment, and view the revenue for each program on a rolling basis. Reports are easy to sort, tweak, and refine--and they're also exportable for further analysis.



Emails are deeply integrated into the Cogran System. Automatic emails are sent out after each purchase, including prices paid, program dates, and more. But it's not only automated emails. Use the Cogran System to send out group emails by registration date, by class, or by other category. Alerts about rainouts and email blasts about new registration seasons are equally simple with Cogran.

Easy to useFool-Proof Registrations

The right people register for the right program. They get the right price. And they tell you what you need to know.

  • Set age requirements to avoid mistaken signups
  • Set up some camps for only boys or girls
  • Allow deposits and installment payments
  • Ask the right questions, like experience levels
  • Pickup contact tracking
  • Provide discounts for early registration
  • Set capacity limits, session by session
  • Share locations, instructor names, and more
  • Customize the info you share with photos and more
  • Request photos of campers at registration or add them later
  • Customize the info you share with photos and more
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Camp Management With a DifferenceWe transform your complex business

Our system is built to support you as families register their children with ease. Filter by age, grade or gender and allow families to sort by locations, days, and more. Run great reports, build rosters, and send emails.

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Prices May be ComplexCogran is Designed for It

  • Create a program with one price, then offer it many times
  • Offer coupons to make promotions easy
  • Early discounts reward the first registrants
  • Late fees cover the costs of late entries
  • Household discounts reward multiple registranst
  • Set up coupons to make promotions easy to offer
  • Offer paid aftercare or beforecare, seemlessly integrated
  • Create add-ons like t-shirts, hats, or CDs

Cogran SystemsBuild your camp today!

Our flexible, powerful registration tools make it easy for users to register, and for you to manage registration!

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Simple and Powerfuluse it to grow

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Automatic confirmations that include registration information. And almost any report doubles as a mailing list for more emails.

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Make it your own

Customize Cogran Systems with your pictures, your words, and your categories.

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Simple to Manage

Investigate registration status, record dropouts, and keep track of registration progress as the season goes.

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