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Accept Payments Users Can Pay by Credit Card, Check, or In Person

Credit Card Processing Made Easy

Cogran makes it easy to take online credit card payments

Cogran allows you to choose your own online payment processing gateway, including the large providers PayPal and Cogran's payment processing integration helps to ensure user security by keeping banking for your bank, and letting us concentrate on making our registration system better than ever. Your user data stays where it should be—securely with them.

When a registration payment is completed, Cogran receives a message of success from the credit card processor--a unique code--that makes reconciliation simple. When a credit card is rejected, you find that out too—or even if a user forgets to complete a transaction.

Accept payments with a credit card, check, or in person.

Credit card payments aren’t the only option with the Cogran System. Administrators have the option t allow users to choose to mail-in a check or pay on an account. And you have the option to process in-person or over the phone payments via cash drawer, card reader, accept cash, or enter a check payment.

Manage Your Organization's Finances

After payments are completed, take advantage of Cogran’s powerful financial management tools. Use a form to record a refund, drop a participant from a program, record a credit or a partial refund. Check out our aging reports to view outstanding monies due, view payment detail reports, run daily reconciliations, and more.

Online registration with online payment processing, fully integrated into the Cogran System.