Responsive Design

Cogran is Mobile.

Mobile means different things to different people. Here's what it means to us: Anywhere, anywhen.

That means you can access all aspects of Cogran's online registration and management system from the sidelines of a game or from your office. In the past, an "app" would exist to pull some aspects of a registration management system: for example, your schedule or your roster. We take it a step farther by allowing you access all of your system using any device.  You can do anything from tweaking registrations to pulling financial reports.

It also means that your organization can function remotely. For sports leagues this is great: your board members are always on the go. They have full-time careers in addition to a practically full-time commitment to the sports club: why not allow them to update, check-in, and do their club management work where they are?

The same goes for customers. As recreation managers know, facility reservations are made on an impulse--and by using mobile technology, intention is converted in action. Organizations using our registration software report surges in reservations that surprise everyone.

Mobile is more than getting some info on a phone. It's allowing your users to fully experience your organization, whether internal or external, and doing it anwhere, anywhen.