Just One Club Has Thousands of Installments.

Cogran Systems Unique Installment Management Helps Clubs.

One Cogran client has thousands of installment payments. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But with hundreds of registrants, each with six payments, that easily turns into thousands of payments to manage. That means your registration management team needs to verify and manage those thousands of payments.

And when cards expire and payments aren’t made, it’s a massive challenge to chase down the owners of the expired cards. When a major retailer had to reissue all of its cards a few years ago, a multi-city travel soccer club spent weeks working on gathering new credit card information from every registrant.

After this challenge, the club was sought a new registration management system, Cogran. One major reason was the unique and easy way that Cogran handles installments. Instead of putting the card on file and automatically withdrawing the payments, in the Cogran System, users are reminded to opt-in to make the payment. Even without a mass replacement of cards, this clubs finds it simple to remind users to pay—instead of chasing them down when they don’t.

Delinquency is easier to handle, too. Because the club doesn’t learn of the issues based on a declined card, it’s simple to use the system to remind and track payments as they come in.

Installments still driving your league nuts? One great new feature is being able to allow a discount for users that pay full price, instead of choosing installments!

Other great features: Set any amount of a deposit and split the balance up into any number of equal payments! Allow users to opt-in to pay all or just one of their future installments.