We Love Camp, and You Do Too.

Camp is the best, and we try to make to run more smoothly

Running a summer camp is frustrating, tiring, and the best job in the world. It’s an amazing experience every time. Your counsellors or instructors all have their own approaches and personalities, and so do the kids. Each class or camp group is a little different, which is one of the things we love about it.

That also means that almost every camp is a run a little differently from the next. We think that we have a great suite of tools that allows camps to succeed when using the Cogran System, with easy rosters, customizable forms, and more—but not every camp has the exact same needs.

That’s why, with Cogran, we work to help each camp make the system feel like it’s their own. They can change just about all of the text, whether to reflect a regional difference or because you have specific names for different actions: you might organize your camps by themes, tracks, or locations, for example—and Cogran makes this all possible.

Cogran is designed to make it easy to streamline complexity, simplify processes, and organize volumes.

More often, we onboard clients and they stay happy for years. It’s a pleasure to see how organizations can thrive with online registration, online payment tracking, and easy-to-print rosters, and, next in line in importance to registration, the powerful communications tools that we provide. As the clients grow, they may add more features—a facility-oriented organization may add program registrations, a camp might add facility management—or they may stay with the same feature set and simply delve more deeply into using the tools that Cogran makes available for every client.