Cogran offers 2 styles of volunteer management, one that is suited to day or weekend long events that include self-scheduling, and another that manages volunteers for recurring, one-time, or periodic volunteering. Both styles allow great flexiblity. With this flexibility, Cogran's volunteer managment tools can be used for everything from soccer tournaments to food banks.

Here is how it works:

First, set up your parameters.

  1. Admin enters the facilities at which events occur
  2. Admin enters all of the tasks to do.
  3. Admin sets the dates and hours of operation for each facility.
  4. Next, Admin uses our one-click featuer to generate a schedule of available facilities to schedule and resources required.
We now know what is required! Now it's the volunteer's turn.
  1. Volunteer completes a registration form and indicates what they want to volunteer for and availability.
  2. Admin confirms suitability and assigns the volunteer to available resources by task, time slot
  3. Admin can make changes via a calendar drag and drop.
  4. Report shows required vs actual resources
  5. Each volunteer is assigned a volunteer id which allows them to checkin/ check out
  6. Or, admin can confirm attendance.

OR--make use of our easy volunteer self-scheduling feature! In that case, volunteers log in to their account and select from a list of volunteer options. You can restrict this list based on their approval level!