2020 Spring Features Rollouts for Cogran

Cogran rolls out new features in Spring 2020 that further cement its position as a leader in registration management technology.

An improved POS, new charts for visualizations, and direct-to-checkout registration lead the list of new features for Cogran in Spring 2020. These new features further cement Cogran's standing as a leader in registration management technology. Cogran's new POS is a mobile-friendly, intuitive interface for sales of tickets, passes, and merchandise. The POS also allows easy donations. Cogran's charts visualize data with flexible tools that transform data into bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, donuts, and more, with bright colors and accessible patterns. The direct link to registration allows improved marketing by advertising a particular option and, upon click, taking the registrant directly to checkout. Other new features include punchcards, a flexible admin reservation tool for booking multiple spaces in one action, and barcodes on POS receipts for easy checkins.

Continuing to Grow

Cogran is a leader in registration management technology. Since its founding in the mid 2000s, Cogran has continually added to its feature set with in-house development. Cogran's creative development team finds new ways to solve the problems faced by recreation professionals seeking to provide a user friendly, powerful, fully featured suite of registration and reservation management tools. Cogran handles registration for classes, camps, sports, and events; reservations; membership management; facility management; and tools that can be used to run any registration-driven organization.