Sports League Flow

Cogran manages the flow of every league

Every sport is different, but over the years we have discovered that most sports leagues, whether public or private, adult or youth, follow a similiar flow of actions to make the season run smoothly. That's why we've created a system that makes it simple to flow from one season to the next. If an organization is running multiple sports, all of these can be used in the right order for that organization.

1. Use Cogran to send out a broadcast email to announcing that registration is open
2. Registrants shop for programs are available by date, sport, location, category, gender, age or grade (to name a few
3. Registrants enjoy early bird discounts, sibling discounts, member pricing, resident pricing or other unique pricing options
4. Registrants receive an automated email confirmation as well as a print-friendly receipt
5. Admins easily monitor registration success rates
6. Track your registration counts
7. Form teams or classes automatically, manage requests and assign coaches
8. Assign teams to fields/courts set a start time and generate a round-robin game schedule.
9. Add practice sessions to your schedule
10. Parents view your roster and team schedules at your personal portal
11. Record game scores
12. View standings
13. Send emails reminding parents of schedule changes
14. Communicate to your members about special events and requests using precisely targeted emails
15. Get volunteers to help out, register online for tasks.
16. Ready for tryouts? Evaluate players and rate them.
17. Auto assign players to teams using the serpentine team assignment process. Make special tweaks
18. Your roster is done and the process starts for a new season