Automation Makes it All Work

A streamlined interface for league scheduling makes it easier than ever to automate the schedules. We’ve also built in a new feature that allows you to view your list of active teams right in the scheduler—instead of in team maintenance—to verify that all of your teams are active before you run your schedules.

First, select your brackets, schedule type (round robin, for example) and set your days between schedules. Next set your start dates and times, your minutes between games, and the type of activity—playoff, scrimmage, practice, tryout, or other. Finally, select the event, league, division, gender (male, female, or co-ed), age groups or grades if youth scheduling, and even the region (if used) of the teams.

Next, review your list of teams. (Only “active” teams will display, so that your system won’t be cluttered with last year’s teams). Then you select your fields from a handy dropdown, as well as any field-specific info like over-ride start times or end times. Set your blackout dates, since you might not want to play on the Fourth of July, then click to generate your schedule.

Just like that, your schedules are done.

If you like what you see, you’re done—but otherwise, you can tweak and fiddle around with your changes as much as you like! Accomodate your late-start games, your early risers...

Scheduling even complex leagues has never been easier, but remember: if you simply import a schedule from your state organization, Cogran is also configured for import of schedules!