The Importance of Scheduling Software

If you have ever coached a child's athletic team, you have seen the behind the scenes issues that plague the world of recreational children's athletics.

On paper, everything looks amazing! Teams are developed. Schedules are made. Contacts lists are sent out. Practices are scheduled. Rules and regulations are distributed. However, while it all looks amazing on paper, real life often gets in the way. Unfortunately, if you are depending on paper schedules or simply using an online basic calendar program when changes are needed, a team inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. However, if you have invested in software to help keep everyone in the loop, your job and all of the coaches' jobs have become exponentially easier.

Making Sure Re-Scheduling is Simple

Making sure coaches and families know when and where they need to be each week. Making sure all teams have opponents, and no two games are scheduled for the same place and time each week is an exercise in extreme organization. Especially, if you are dealing with 10 associations each with two or more teams per age group from ages 8 through 16. Now imagine that it rains, and the 10 games which were scheduled for a particular Saturday have to be canceled and rescheduled. This can create a huge headache if you are not using a scheduling software.

You may not realize that a date you are looking at for rescheduling is a blacked out date due to a holiday or maybe a championship. Then, once you have sent out the new schedules, you receive several emails reminding you that the chosen weekend will not work. Now, you must reschedule yet again. However, scheduling software allows you to keep conflicts and issues in the limelight when rescheduling a game. As you being to create a new schedule, you can be notified of the dates that should not be used. Now, instead of rescheduling the rescheduled games several times, the first attempt at rescheduling will be successful.

Keeping Everyone In the Know

With proper scheduling software, everyone is in the know. Coaches and association administrators can make sure everyone is on the same page. They can let parents know of changes immediately and keep teams up to date on any regulation needs or changes, such as deadlines for medical releases or championship game times. Scheduling software helps eliminate the chance of whispers down the lane, where the message changes as it continually gets repeated. Coaches and parents can plan accordingly for events and deadlines by not waiting until the week before to receive an update.

If you would like to know more about scheduling software and how it can help make your association run more efficiently, contact Cogran Systems at 800-985-4342. One of our agents will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the software that is perfect for your team!