Ready to Take it Online?

Want the convenience of managing your organization in one simple system, from signing people up, to managing accounts, buiding teams, classes, or groups, and more?

No problem! Your Cogran System is easily used only behind the scenes: the only time your users know about it is when you provide a link to the system. You don't need to have any public access at all.

Even better, you can decide what parts are right for the public and which aren't. Want to keep registration public but facility reservations only behind the scenes? Do it! It's so easy with our unlimited administrative levels.

We have been busy here at Cogran Systems. We've been getting a new crop of great clients online, from sports leagues to cities to summer camps to cooking schools. It's so exciting to see how different clients can use different features of our great system.

We developed this brief list of questions:

  • Do you offer tons of discounts for tons of different reasons?
  • We recommend best practices in discounting, which means fewer discounts than you might be used to as an organization. At Cogran, we offer discounts for siblings, for single sessions, or across a season, as well as coupons for individual scholarships and for Groupons (or any other type of coupon).

    Some people who run registration-driven organizations are used to offering any and all discounts, taking off some in some situations and applying them in others. With any online registration solution, you give up some of your total flexibility when you go online

    If you're ready to make life easier for you and more simple for your registrants, then you're ready for Cogran!

  • Are you ready for online forms?
  • Online forms are amazing, but you might not have the total control of how your information is collected that you're used to. Our online solution first gathers household information, then youth information, and then uses that info to reveal the right courses for the right people. Youths, adults, age groups, and grades all play into the courses that people are eligible for. This makes life much easier for the registrants, but it can be a surprise for administrators who are used to collecting a kid's info first, for example.

    If you're ready to trade a little of the status quo for a great new solution, let's talk!
  • Are you ready for volume?
  • Are you ready for the growth that great online registration means? You should be! We hear that our clients begin to grow and grow as soon as they sign up.