Coaches around the world are very special people.

A good portion of them have day jobs, but still find the time to get down to the field or court each week, and they are always prepared and ready to go.

Today’s coach has not changed that much from 30 years ago. They still lead all games and practices, teach players sound techniques, and still serve as a mother or father figures sometimes. On top of all that, they have to manage anywhere from 1 to 20 coaches on their staffs. With that said, the task of coach management used to seem almost impossible.

However, that is one thing that has changed today and for the better. Cogran System is cutting the coach’s staff management time in half, and putting the coach back When a coach should be teaching players fundamentals on the field or court, a lot of the times they get stuck in the office with mounds of administration duties. Some of these duties include printing rosters, sending out the weekly schedule, creating the game plan and more! Cogran systems is doing what so many coaches have done for other people; put them first.The system allows a coach to go “paperless” and put down the clipboard. With the touch of a finger across any electronic device such as a laptop, tablet, or even a cell phone, a coach can coach multiple sports leagues, in multiple roles, and do this all from one easy to navigate Worried about coaches on the staff seeing information that is reserved for the head coach’s eyes only? No problem. As the primary account holder, this person would have the option to give each coach in the system a different level of access.

Need to find some extra volunteers to help out the team? Cogran Systems has that covered too. There is not much this system cannot do to make a coach’s life easier, putting them back on the field or court, and getting them back to doing what they love. Coach athletes. With Cogran’s coaching system, today’s coach can:

  • Register with their same user account
  • Submit details required for background checks
  • Indicate sport, grade or age level, and gender preferences
  • Provide details on accreditation and certification
  • Can automatically add staff coaches to the system or added them one-by-one
  • Have a private, secure dashboard, with quick links to the team rosters, calendar-view schedules, scores, stats, standings and more!
  • Plan out weekly schedules

The system also lets other coaches on the staff quickly print out player rosters. Super busy because of scheduled 1-1 session helping a young player with their footwork? No problem, since the staff coaches will also have a certain amount of access, delegate some tasks to them. They will be able to use their own devices and print out rosters, game day plans, or practice. The system is so sophisticated, it allows team pages to be customized and more. Rain in the forecast? Need to inform the entire staff and players not to show up? Cogran Systems has this covered too, and enables you to quickly send out communications to all via SMS text message, email or even by phone.

Stop shuffling papers, losing important coaching documents on gameday, and get back in the game with Cogran Systems. Contact us today!