Great promotions features manage unique discounts.

Every registration-driven organization has unique, complex needs for managing promotions while also maximizing registrations and engagement.

We excel at helping you find the right combination of options for your organization. First, Cogran Systems allows targeted promotions to fill a low-volume program or to kick things off for a registration season. Set a coupon code for a single program or for a whole registration event! You can set them to expire, too.

Next, Cogran offers unique codes for single discounts. Anyone can use it, but only once. This is great for offering special discounts for unique users, like in scholarships, or if you raffle off a lower-priced option.

Cogran also provides promotions feature to allow administrators to place a credit on a registrant's account that will be waiting for them when they next register: they can use a lot or use a little. This is great for a credit in a no-cash-refund situation.

Offer early-bird discounts or apply late fees? No problem. You can set them up for each item so that you can tightly control how much money you allow to be discounted from each item, then set the dates for your whole registration season!

Family discounts are easy too. This is a broad discount that allows you to offer discounts based on how many registration programs are purchased. You can simply set a number of registrations at which your discounts kick in, then set the amount of the discounts. And you can exclude items that don't qualify for the discount!

Not interested in allowing broad discounts across every program? You can also choose quantity discounts, which allow a discount upon purchase of the same item again and again--like multiple weeks of the same camp!

And if you offer installments, you can even offer an incentive for paying the whole amount up front.