How to Price for Success

We all know how tricky it is to find the right price for your program—and how hard it is to commit to spending it.

A great registration management system can provide you with more time, efficiency, and a great portal for parents and staff alike—but if it’s too expensive, it’s just not going to work.

Many of our clients operate at a fairly slim margin: the costs of materials (for a cooking camp, for example) plus the cost of renting or maintaining a location, plus the cost of a staff, plus card processing fees, plus a little bit left over for the owner or director’s salary. Of course there’s little more to it than that—insurance, incidentals, and so forth—but that general formula covers the basics.

Not only that, but our clients consider the market. They evaluate what the participants (or their parents) can pay, and they look at the prices of similar programs in the area.

It’s a constant balance, it’s challenging, and it’s hardly ever going to leave lots of extra money for a registration management system.

At Cogran, we have clear and transparent pricing designed to provide every organization—no matter how large or small—with the benefits of online registration. We never charge you for having more than one administrator in your system. And we never charge you for support—since it’s no use having a great registration system if you need to pay to learn how to use it.

We also offer pricing tailored to your organization: whether you choose flat monthly payments or choose to pay per-transaction, we have a pricing structure that can allow you to run your business the way that you need.