Aquatics, Swim Lessons, and Pools

Aquatics are different these days

Cogran’s class registrations and POS are handy for Aquatics centers.

Aquatics programs are often complex, with swim levels, quick checkout, and more. Now, more pools need to limit how many users can access their pool at a certain time. Manage all of the variable programs that are offered for Aquatics—from tons of classes to open swim.

  • Create many sessions for all of your class levels, from baby swim lessons to lifeguarding
  • Manage capacity by levels
  • Waitlists to add more sessions or fill spaces
  • Set for time for registration to begin—no should have to stay up until midnight to sign up
  • Gather unique info at registration based on the particular program
  • Mobile POS for onsite day pass sales
  • Scannable check-ins for day pass holders