The Value of Sports Tech is Access

Our Commitment to Sports Technology.

Cogran Systems isn’t just a company with a mission statement. We have a real mission as well: to empower and support organizations that bring sports to the world. It’s through sports that we build connections. We believe that sport unifies, and when athletes play at an international level, they play for all of us—and when we win, talent unites the country. Celebrations for sports cut across caste, creed, color, race, religion, and politics. Our experience shows that young athletes who are trained and supported have immense success—but for other young people, the path to success is more challenging because they may not have the financial means to access sports. Some amazing talent may be missed altogether—and with it all of the other great benefits of sports, like great academic achievement.

We hope to change this by making it more cost-effective for communities and volunteer groups to run sports leagues with minimal financial outlay and less time committed to running leagues. That’s why, instead of forcing growth through acquisition to fill gaps in our tools, we remain committed to keeping our costs low, to building our product through superior technological innovation with a team that is fully focused on the success of our clients. As a privately held company, we’re able to stick our firm principles of empowering success through access to sports.