Every company has a mission statement, but Cogran actually has a mission.

Cogran was founded to help volunteers and volunteer-driven organizations.

Cogran was founded with a mission of helping volunteers escape from paperwork and data entry. Now, after a decade, Cogran is fulfilling its mission of helping nonprofits run smoothly and effectively.  We help manage sports from wheelchair basketball to league volleyball to basketball and soccer.

As we've grown, so has our mission. We also serve organizations that organize and deploy volunteers that serve their communities, from faith-based food shelves to atheletic organizations with a service component. We help organizations register, manage, and schedule thousands of volunteers every day. We also serve organizations like camps. museums, and more that have a need for our complex registration tools.

Have a complicated system that off-the-shelf systems just can’t fit? Have a small budget and big dreams? We can help. Although we started with youth sports, we now apply our superior solutions to nonprofts of all kinds. We work with volunteer-driven organizations from museums to private swim clubs to churches to kennel clubs. We also work with Parks and Recreation Departments to help them keep their activities in order, from babysitting classes to complicated swim lessons to facility reservation. We're always growing and improving our product. One thing that differentiates us is that we build on our existing features, not through aquisitions of systems that don't quite integrate.