We're from Minneapolis, the cool hipster city of the Upper Midwest.

So we spent about 10 minutes googling ourselves. Well, not ourselves, but our fair city of Minneapolis. And guess what? Turns out we live in a pretty great place. Nice one, accident of birth.

Turns out Minneapolis...

  • Is the Healthiest (CBS)
  • Has the Best Parks (MPR)
  • Has the Best Airport (Travel and Leisure)
  • Has the Best Downtown (Livability)
  • Is Miraculous (The Atlantic)
  • Is the Best (Newscastic)
  • Is Even More the Best (The Atlantic)
  • Is in the Best State (City Pages)
  • Is the Happiest (Huffington Post)
  • Is the Best for Millenials (CBS)
  • Has the Best Bikeways (Grist)
  • Is the Best for Biking (Bicycling)
  • Has the Best Art District (Minnesota Monthly)
  • Is the Best for Women (Wallet Hub)
  • Is Almost Best for Single Ladies (Star Tribune)
  • Is Among the Best for Food Snobs (Travel And Leisure)
  • (Click on these to read more about it, as long as the links may live...)