The advantage of managing membership in a single system.

Cogran’s membership management module enhances Cogran packages for recreation organizations or stands alone for membership-driven organizations.Memberships can be sold both for families and individuals. The family membership means that each member of a household is eligible for member pricing. Individual memberships apply pricing to only an individual—allowing memberships for one member of a household but not to all of them. For example, a household may have one member but other people who occasionally sign up for programs at the non-member price.

The Member Benefit to Management Software

Cogran also offers different membership types. Sell memberships that last for a calendar year, are pro-rated from date of purchase, or are for a variable term from the date of purchase. These membership type options allow organizations to run yearly membership drives or to accept members all year long, depending on the organization’s needs. And as with all Cogran pricing options, these options are all available with the Cogran Membership Management package!

A key benefit of membership is reduced prices for other types of programs, such as camps, classes, and sports. Cogran allows specific prices for each program, so that the right member price is always offered. This allows organizations to offer membership pricing on some, but not all, programs, and to offer the right price to the right customer.

Member Communications

Membership also requires special, targeted communications. With Cogran’s easy mailing lists, it’s simple to communicate directly to specific groups of members. And member reminders can be automated.