Managing Your Youth Baseball League

Baseball season is upon us!

For anyone who has ever played, had children who played, coached, or managed youth baseball knows that this can be among the most strenuous times of the year, although it is also among the most fun. The stress of fundraising, getting to multiple practices and games, creating rosters and game schedules, and making sure everyone is overly prepared for the 10 to 14 weeks of the season can take its toll on even the most organized people. Therefore, anything to help make it easier should be a welcomed addition to your already hectic schedules. Here are some simple steps to help organize your efforts.

Get on the Same Page

When running a youth baseball association, if any one of the moving parts is out of sync, it can disrupt the entire machine. The most important thing is to get everyone involved on the same page. From the children playing, to the parents transporting, to the coaches, all the way up to the association managers, it is important that everyone knows all the necessary information to help progress the season with little or no major problems. Of course, there will always be sick kids or rain delays, but overall, if everyone knows the protocol to handle these issues as well as what is expected of the players, parents, and team, they can work together and make the season about having fun and learning America’s past time, as opposed to complaining about not getting to play enough or not knowing where or when they need to be at a particular spot.

Have Fun!

Finally, remember that this is youth athletics and it is about having fun and learning a few things along the way. Your children are not walking away from the season with $1,000,000 and they are not getting that Nike deal. Therefore, everyone involved needs to remember that it is time to have fun! Life is going to happen and people are going to get lost, confused, and rained on. But, if they are a cohesive unit with the goal of getting outside and playing a beloved game, then the season will be full of wonderful memories!

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