The Solution to Help Keep Your Client's Resolutions

Every year, it seems the number one New Year’s resolution is always to get back to the rec center and lose that weight you have wanted to lose all year.

As a result, gyms, rec centers, and exercise classes see an influx of members and walk-in that are looking to keep their resolutions. However, for one reason or another, by the first week in February, those resolutions have been all but forgotten and the gyms are empty again. Did you ever think there might be a better way to help your new members stay on track and continue with their resolutions?.

The Member Benefit to Management Software

With such a large influx of memberships at one time, details and other important information can be temporarily lost and members can slip through the cracks. While it is very likely you have a system in place to help you at least remember when to withdraw the automatic monthly membership fee, what system do you have that will alert you when a member has not been in for over a week? Or how about an email or announcement to alert members of the newest flavor of smoothie the health bar is offering this month. Yes, part of the gym business plan relies on members signing up and then never showing up. However, many of those members will not renew the following year because there wasn't anything special about their facilities. The rec center is then forced to find new members in the new year to replace those they lost in the last.

f you had a system that automatically notified a member that they are missed or kept the members up to date with new and exciting news of your facility, those members will feel more important and will more likely want to not only continue their workouts for this year, but they’ll want to re-join next year.

The Business Benefit to Management Software

Not only is member retention a large benefit to this type of software, but creating reports can also benefit your business in ways you never thought possible. Many rec center managers are in their facility every second of the day to make sure it runs smoothly. And while there are little to no complaints about the facility, the owners take that time to review everything about the finances and the traffic of the business. With the proper type of reporting, this job can be done much more efficiently, allowing the gym owner to have a life outside of the business. In addition, it allows the management team to see what is working and what is not regarding advertising and retention. The management team can analyze the data and make changes as needed. Well-maintained and automated reports allow owners to add the personal touch of sending what appears to be personalized reminders that a membership is nearing its renewal date. This reminder often leads to many more renewals because the member feels like a person and not a number.

Rec Center management software enhances the experience of both the employees working at the gym and its special members. If your fitness facility or member organization is lost and needs to be found, take a moment to explore Cogran Systems at and see how we can help you and your clients.