Facility Management that Manages Real Life

The variables of facility management are extensive.

In Cogran, a reservable item--like a room, field, or cabin--can have many different prices, times, and even days in advance a room can be reserved.

For example, in Cogran, it's possible to set:
  • how many days to end reservations prior to an event
  • how many days to begin reservations prior to an event
  • calendar display color
  • choose which days of the week a price applies
  • choose to auto-approve a registration (by default, they are pending until admins approve)
  • set which groups for which this price applies
  • set automatic resident pricing based on zip codes

In addition, users are able to choose to determine if rooms are reserved by times slot or by time range. Each has its own features and advantages, and many organizations use both options at different times.

If your organization uses time slots, such as "all day" or "three to six p.m.," each time slot can be priced differently for the same facility! You can also set up special pricing for certain days to take care of holiday pricing needs.

But if your organization also uses time ranges--when you allow your admin or member of the public to simply enter two times to choose their length of reservation--you have even more power. Cogran Systems allows you to set the earliest possible reservation time and the last close time, to prevent 4:00 AM starts and 2:00 AM ends for events. Set the hourly rate--taking into account your evening rates, which are automatically calculated--and even set the maximum and minimum hours per day that a facility can be reserved, preventing half-hour reservations as well as 24 hour reservations if needed!

With so many options, we're confident that Cogran is a great partner in setting up your online reservations. We'd love to show you more of the tools that you receive with every Cogran reservation system!