Manage Any Event

Event management designed for recreation.

Event management software that is flexible, easily customized, and portable.

Cogran Systems great software allows you to customize pricing, identify who to invite, and manage volunteers. Our event mangement solution is flexible and easy. Handle event registration, email marketing, payment processing, and contact management!

Use Cogran to create your events, from fundraisers to classes! Doing it online will increase attendance and build success. Some of our clients report surges in attendance after they sign up with Cogran's online event management system. You can sign up volunteers to manage the system at the same time as you register attendees!

And you always have access to our great support. Our great reports mean that you can view every detail of your event registration data and other information. You can easily share this great information with organization stakeholders and track trends to gauge improvement. Cogran lets you create youth groups, camps, retreats, classes, and more. From celebrations to classes, with Cogran you won't miss a minute when you're planning that big event!