Emailing and other communications are essential.

That's why we think it should be easy.

With Cogran, your users get an automated confirmation email—but that’s just the beginning of the communications tools.
Essentially, with Cogran, there is never a need to build a mailing list. Almost every report--from attendance lists to the entire dateabase--can double as a mailing list with a single, swift click.
The mailing lists automatically de-dup and exclude folks on the do-not-email list. Our communications start with email right from the system and go from there. Savable emplates mean you only need to write it once! Your communications will unite your organization and make it stronger than ever.
    Send out slick custom newsletters, too, with your logo, look, and colors.
    Simultaneously Send Messages
    Custom Communication
    Manage Mailing Lists
    Target Members with the right email at the right time
    Send reminders and emails about payment status and more
    Reduce printing costs