Checking in and Out with Cogran

Tracking attendance transforms from a challenge to a pleasure with Cogran Systems online automated tools. Simply track online using our intuitive, powerful check-in form. Specific times are automatically recorded when your instructors click the touch-friendly box on the check-in form. Use photos or not, check in and out or just show check-ins. Then, pull simple reports that show attendance.

If more information is needed, you can also add comments or other information that you might need to track. To allow carefully maintained reports, times are automatically recorded in reports, and check-ins are easily tracked by participants who can view their attendance reports on their household account.

Track Checkins and Outs

Use an ipad or other internet-connected device to pull up a list of participants by day, program, session, or age group. The checkboxes automatically time-stamp upon save.

Parents and other attendees can verify checkins from any computer simply by logging into their accounts.

Checkin Image