Barcoded Receipts

Cogran now barcodes Point of Sale receipts, which allows customers to use their e-receipt as a ticket. The automatic barcoding transforms a receipt into a ticket, allowing checkin with the use of a simple scanner. By using a scan at checkin, Cogran ensures accurate attendance and ensures a ticket is only used once. And if customers forget a ticket, the system allows notes so that a ticket can easily be reissued.


Features for Admins

  • Barcodes for Admins to Print for Customers
  • Print at time of in-person or other direct request, then mail or email to user
  • Unique barcode prevents illicit use: one scan for attendance!
  • Reprint as needed from users with accounts, or allow users to purchase with no account required

Barcodes for Users

When purchasing a POS item, the barcode automatically appears on the receipt. Tickets, passes, and one-time entry management just became even easier with Cogran.