Adult Sports League Management

Captains create teams, then players pay. Easy.

Cogran Systems streamlines the adult sports leagues with several different registration options designed around group signups. Gather great information from signing up a group, then allow the players to find their team in a list when they're registering. Or, simply let the coach sign up the players at registration, creating accounts for each player as they go. Register free agents and assign them teams that need a player.

Choose how to run your leagues:

  • Team captains can sign up a team, name it, and then players can sign up to join the team.
  • Or, a team captains can create a team, pay a flat fee, and that’s it.
  • Or, a team captains can create a team, add the names and contact info of players, and their role on the team.
  • New players can sign up as free agents
  • Great Admin for You

    After registration, admins can use Cogran to create schedules, keep scores, and post them online with no extra effort. Your organization is ready to go, saving hours and hours of effort. Use our built-in communications tools, like emailing and text messaging, too! Pull great report and check out simple charts to manage the entire season.

    Registration ReinventedCogran Registration Rates 5 Stars at Capterra

    Our intuitive, powerful registration tools are the best around. Manage your registration, build your organization, and save time while you do it.

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