Superior TechnologyCogran Systems is a powerful for a reason

Latest Technology

Keeping up to date is exciting, keeps our talent pool committed to us and helps our customers be leaders.

Take it to the Cloud.

Cogran is on the cloud. You can also rest easy that all of your data is stored on our secure servers.


Microsoft’s multi-tiered architecture for the web called MVC4 powers our high volume systems.

Powerfully Designed

Our designers, business developers, database experts, and consultants are the experts in keeping our system up to date.


Cogran AppDesigner is a modeling and code generation tool developed by Cogran to build complex portal applications.

Built to Change

Peoples needs change. Technology changes. Opportunities change. That's why change is a cornerstone of our business.

Powerful and FlexibleThe technology we use allows us to adapt to client needs.

Sleek and Well-Designed

Ready for you to dive right in.